Better sexual satisfaction


Pure shilajit salajeet of Gilgit Baltistan

Pure shilajit salajeet of Gilgit Baltistan


Anti-inflammation for arthritis and rheumatism



Alzheimer’s prevention

Cognitive and Memory Enhancer

Fertility Increases, motility and count

High Altitude Problems/hypoxia, sickness, lethargy, depression

Influenza /Common Cold

Mental and physical rejuvenation or anti aging benefits

Nootropic/Smart Drug /Cognitive and Memory Enhancer

Pain Relief and Injury Repair

Stress and Anxiety reduction

Ulcer Repair

Supports the immune system

Harvested from the mountain of Gilgit Baltistan

Get power of mountains

Potency and effectiveness.

Ayurvedic texts suggest using shilajit with caution when pregnant

Shilajit is considered the root of Ayurvedic medicine, and the most powerful.

Taken alone this herb will strengthen the immune system, fortify cells and muscles, and can be used as an anti-oxidant, an anti-stressor, an anti-allergen, and an anti-asthmatic.

In the practice of Ayurveda when Shilajit is used with any other Ayurvedic herb it is considered to actually boost the health effects of both.

Jing tonic – Tones the sexual organs, supports sexual energy and stamina

Shen tonic – Enhances spiritual power

Enhances bioavailability and action of other herbs

A carrier – binds to herbal constituents and minerals, delivering them to their targets

A catalyst – promotes the activity of minerals and organic constituents

Supports urinary functions Supports healthy microcirculation

Supports healthy menstrual functions

Supports healthy fat metabolism

Supports lung functions


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