I am 17 can I use Shilajit / Salajeet ? From the yahoo Answer

   You can use it. It is supposed to be a powerful antioxidant and promotes longevity. As with many herbal medications the beneficial effects are not well documented by clinical evidence. It has been used in India for over a thousand years and touted for its immune system support. Herbals ARE MEDICATIONS just as prescription drugs are. Their primary effects and side effects can be specific to the individual taking them. They can also interact with other medication you may be taking. The manufacturers of herbals are not required to prove they are beneficial…. only that they will do not harm taken in the suggested amounts. At 17, shilajit is of very questionable benefit to you. In its pure form it is produced by petrified ancient plants. The compound oozes out of the rocks in which the plants may have been trapped for decades or centuries and is purified. Read about it in the website below. It is not something I would take.

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