Wana work with as marketing person or business partner ?

Pure Salajeet / Shilajit of Himalaya Karakorum

Dear visitor !!!

We are pleased to announce that we would like to invite people who want to work as #marketing person or #business partner while selling our Himalaya natural herbal product of #Salajeet #Shilajit in any city of Pakistan #Lahore #Karachi #Islamabad #Peshawar Quetta, #UAE, #UK. #USA, #Gulf. #KSA. #Saudi Arabia. #Madina, #Qatar etc. Its kind of part time job or side business. you don’t have to do big work for it. Our working method is just simple . You Just needed to buy product from us and sale it out. We will give you on retail rate which is profitable for your according to market . You can earn enough money in a month easily with right way without any afford.  We can give your contact numbers as reference in our websites and social pages which is make you trusted person to buy Salajeet.
We most welcome people…

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