Watch “Why Himalaya Karakorum Gilgit Baltistan Salajeet Shilajit ?” on YouTube

Why #Himalaya #Karakorum Gilgit Baltistan #Salajeet / #Shilajit ?
1: We are belong from Ghanche Gilgit Baltistan (the northern most district) providing world’s
most famous Salajeet of #Siachen Glacier areas.
2: We have own expert workers to collect #rawsalajeet and #purify at home.
3: We provide only very fresh #Salajeet purified within a month.
4: We give money back guaranteed for all our product.
5: The top seller on Google and Facebook. (Google it)
6: Most liked and favorite and positive reviews by customers
7: Only 2 days delivery within Pakistan.
8: We have more then 70% Loyal customers. Alhamdulilah
9: Secure and Standards packaging
10: The first and only Gilgit Baltistan Organic Products online seller

+923358357775, +923040055494

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